Soft & comfortable thermal batting for use in clothing and home decor accessories projects. Insul-bright keeps hot things hot for longer.

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Insul-Bright is a needle punched insulated lining. With today’s focus on family and friends, simple, practical, household projects and homemade gifts are very popular. Lunch bags, shoppingbags, oven mitts, slippers and ironing board covers are all made functional and safe with Insul-Bright. The needled poly fibres resist conduction while the reflective metalized film resists radiant energy reflecting hot or cold energy back to its source. Easy to sew and machine washable! If it’s too hot to handle or too cold to hold – make it just right with Insul-Bright!

Composition: 93.75% Polyester Fibre 6.25% Metalized Polyester
Width: 114.30cm/45inch
Weight: 180gsm
Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: 30 degree machine wash. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.
This product is not heat proof or fire resistant. We suggest you use an extra layer or two of cotton batting, between the outer fabric and Insul-bright for pot holders or heat resistant pads. Use caution when handling any hot surfaces. Do not iron directly on the aluminized scrim binder. Do not microwave.

If you order 1 piece you will receive 1m in length.
Ordering 2 pieces you will receive a 2m piece.
Ordering 3 pieces you will receive a 3m piece.
Ordering 4 pieces you will receive a 4m piece Etc. We will always try to send your grippy non slip fabric in one continuous length.

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