The all-way stretch lycra fabric is perfect for swim wear due to its exceptional stretchiness, support, and moisture-wicking properties. It molds comfortably to the body, ensuring durability and comfort while swimming. Beyond sports and dancewear, it’s an excellent choice for creating enduring and flexible swimsuits.

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Ultimate Swimwear Fabric: Stretch, Support, and Comfort in One

The all-way stretch lycra fabric isn’t just limited to workout gear and dancewear—it’s also a fantastic choice for swim wear. Known for its amazing stretchiness and long-lasting durability, this fabric easily conforms to your body, giving you the support you need while keeping you super comfy, making it a perfect pick for swimsuits. Plus, it’s designed to pull away moisture, so you’ll stay dry whether you’re swimming or just lounging by the water. So, aside from the usual sporty stuff, this fabric is a smart option for making swimsuits that feel great and last long, thanks to its strength, reliability, and ability to stretch just the right way.

  • Composition: 83% Nylon 17% Spandex
  • Design: Plain
  • Width (cm): 150
  • Width (inch): 60
  • Weight (gsm) 18%
  • Manufacturing: Knitted
  • Suitable for swim wear, active wear, sports wear and dance wear.
  • Washing Instructions – Manufacturer says: 40-degree machine wash. Warm tumble-dry. We strongly recommend testing a small piece first to be sure.

You can pair this with our power mesh fabric for the perfect swim lining!


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